Queretaro, Mexico
Strategic Location

Access to global markets: Mexico acts as a bridge between North and Latin America, granting it access to the two significant regional markets. Moreover, its proximity to the United States, the world's largest consumer market, facilitates bilateral trade and access to international supply chains.

Mexico is the seventh economy with the most FTAs in the world.

With a network of 14 FreeTrade Agreements with 50 countries, 32 Agreements for Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of investment, and 9 limited scope agreements within the framework of ALADI, Mexico is an international trade oriented country with manufacturing capability and access to global economies.

It is estimated that an additional $20 thousand million USD of foreign investment will enter the Mexican economy in the following 5 years.

Queretaro Connectivity

Mexico-conect Mexico-map-qro
More than 45 million
inhabitants within a KM radius
Area: 11,688 km2
Weather: 23° c

Mexico is the 4th largest manufacturer of auto parts in the world.

Mexico statics
Distances to the Atlantic
and Pacific Ports
Destination Km Mi
Altamira 631 392
Veracruz 607 377
Lazaro Cardenas 544 338
Manzanillo 650 403
Mexico City 238 147
Distances to the USA
Destination Km Mi
El paso, Texas 1,630 1,012
San Diego, Cal 2,600 1,615
Laredo, Texas 940 584
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