Disc Brake Pad

Private label manufacturing
project for the automotive aftermarket
in Mexico, USA, Canada, Europe,
Central and South America.

"State-of-the-art" technology
and processes.

R&D Centre

Proprietary Formulation and brake testing with equipment
dynamometers, and test track, under international specifications and

test dynamometers
rd centre ingeniero


Friction Formula Development
Center (R&D Centre)

> Chemical-physical and metallurgical tests
> Tribology laboratory
> LINK equipment and dynamometers (Detroit)
> Track and road tests


MHW LTD & Masterlab R&D Centre

> LMT Low Metallic
> SMT Semi-metallic
> CBK Carboceramic
> SDT Severe Heavy Duty
> CRM Ceramic
> RSS RS Sport
> HYD Hybrid
> LMTV Low Metallic Value
> SMTV Semi-Metallic Value
> CRMV Ceramic Value

Production Facilities:

> Positive Moulding Technology
> 20,000 ft
> Queretaro, Mexico (production 6 million pads/year)
> IR oven
> Electrostatic painting chamber

Business Model:

> Aftermarket: Private Brands under customer specifications
> New product developments
- Pads for cars 2023-2024
- Electric cars
> Original equipment manufacturer brands (OEM)
- (OES) Original equipment supplier brands
- Brake system assembly

Masterlab: Pioneering
Braking Test Facility
in Latin America

Masterlab, the first laboratory in Latin America specialized in track and street brake tests in strategic partnership with MHW Ltd. Detroit, Michigan.

At Masterlab, we aim to evaluate, classify, and ensure the quality and safety of friction products for the aftermarket.

Brake Pads Comparative Performance

OE vs Test Sample


Test Sample vs. Other Brands

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