NOM-079-ECOL-1994: Establishes the maximum per-
missible noise emission limits for new
motor vehicles and their measurement method.

HSC section 25250.51 of the California Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Material.
FMVSSs*2: Brake systems regulation (Heavy Particles)

European Economic Community:
Euro 7 Regulation*3: Emission Control

International Regulations and standards

> NMX-D-315-IMNC-2015: Mexican standard for brake system friction material.
> USA & Canada: California Motor Vehicle Brake Friction Material Law.
> SAE J661 - Friction Coefficient
LATAM: Agreement on Technical Barriers toTrade (WTO OTC), Andean Community Commission, Colombian Technical Standards (NTC).
European Economic Community: Mandatory regulation for brake pads in the EEC.

Quality Managment System

> ISO 13848:2018 Road vehicles - Hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems for road vehicles and their trailers - Performance requirements and test methods.
> IATF 16949-Quality management systems for organizations in the automotive industry
> ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems - Requirements
> ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems - Requirements
> ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements with guidance for use.
> ISO 22574:2023 - Road vehicles — Brake linings friction materials —Visual inspection.
> ISO 15484:2008 - Road vehicles — Brake lining friction materials — Product definition and quality assurance.

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